We are a Christian community with a rich past, exciting ministry and mission, and great hope for the future. Our members and friends come from many places — from New Bedford and neighboring towns — and reflect the diversity of our community. We are glad for the presence and gifts of all God’s people, and welcome you, whatever your religious background, age, race, sexual orientation, economic resources, or mental or physical ability. We learn and grow together as God leads us and stretches our horizons. Looking to the future, we believe whole-heartedly that “God is Still Speaking,”

We are a downtown church with roots dating from the 17th century — a church that is growing into the 21st century. Consistent with our congregational heritage, we have no required beliefs or creeds. We covenant with God and with each other to journey together, to respect each person’s convictions and faith, and to welcome all people.

We are a Just Peace church, working for liberation and justice for all people in our neighborhood, our city, and the world.

Finally, we are congregational in our governance, meeting together twice a year and guided by a Governing Board, always led by the Holy Spirit to make the decisions that guide and sustain our ministry.

We are proud to be a part of the United Church of Christ, the largest and oldest Protestant Christian denomination in Massachusetts, a denomination that is consistently a leader speaking out on issues of social justice.

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